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ACH Group LLC is a full-service real estate development and construction company established in 2009.
We provide a range of commercial and residential real estate services, including property acquisition, project development and design. Our general contracting services include pre-construction services, project management, on-site supervision, as well as handling the logistics and maintenance of all construction materials, supplies and equipment.

Pavel Abaev
Pavel Abaev
CEO | Founder
We've done:
  • With details
    in mind
    Over 400,000
    square feet

  • On time

  • On budget
    Over 450,000
    square feet
We know:
Running Over The Budget
Project Delays
Bad Engineering
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We love what we do!
ACH Development
Elegant and creative ideas

We focus on both attached and detached single-family homes, as well as low-rise multifamily and mixed-use  properties up to 40,000 sq.ft.

  • Acquisition
  • Architecture design concept
  • Entitlement process
  • Engineering package
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement of permits
  • Pre-construction services
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Our company is in control of each phase of a project – from the initial concept to the final sale, leasing, or property management.

Real estate development process
ACH construction
Efficiency in every action

We specialize in the construction of single-family homes (attached and detached), low-rise multifamily homes and mixed-use properties. We also excel in multifamily and commercial gut renovations, including offices, fitness facilities, and all other occupancy classes (up to 200,000 sq.ft.)

  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor bidding
  • New construction and renovation
  • On-site supervision
  • Construction design supervision
  • Supplying materials, equipment and workmanship
  • Customer relationships
Service area:

Today we possess all of the necessary resources (MD/VA/DC General Contractors licenses) to acquire, undertake, develop and build projects in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Service area
To create the future for our communities while being a well-trusted #1 partner for our clients
Our mission is devoted to making life around us joyful by creating social spaces and a brighter cityspace

Recent Projects


Developer: Ditto Residential
Completion: End 2016
Floors: 3
Levels: 4
Bedrooms: 40
Sq. Footage: 15000
Uses: Rental (8 five-bedroom apartments)


Developer: ACH Group LLC 
Completion: September 2017
Floors: 2
Levels: 3
Bedrooms: 6
Sq. Footage: 7,000
Uses: Single family home
Transport accessibility: 5 min to / from I-270, 25 min to / from Washington D.C.


Client: Rockmanor Executive Center
Completion: October 2016
Floors: 2
Levels: 3
Bathrooms: 12
Sq. Footage: 12,000 
Uses: Office


Developer: Ditto Residential
Completion: Beginning 2017
Floors: 3
Levels: 4
Bedrooms: 12
Sq. Footage: 10,000 
Uses: Retail six, three-bedroom condos


Client: Rockmanor Executive Center
Completion: October 2016
Floors: 2
Levels: 3
Uses: bathrooms


Client: 202 Strong / Willco
12077 Nebel st, North Bethasda, MD
Completion: September, 2017
Sq. Footage: 5,000
Uses: Change of occupancy - warehouse to fitness facility
Project Timeline: 6 weeks

We understand your risks and offer to compare:

Our company
Unreliable companies

Welcomes you to our office.
We always invite you to our office, where we can properly discuss all the details of your project face-to-face over a friendly cup of coffee.

Won’t invite you into their office.
There may not even be an office, which means that the work is done "on the fly", and that they are also hard to find if (and when) something goes wrong.

Has all necessary documentation – licenses, insurance certification.
See our licenses and insurance certification.

Have little-to-no legal documentation.
If a company cannot show their licenses, insurance certification, etc. – they most likely do not have them.

Has workers’ compensation insurance.
We carry workers’ compensation insurance. We collect all necessary insurance certificates from all of our subcontractors, and everyone involved with your project is covered by this insurance.

Have no workers’ compensation insurance.
If you like unreasonable risks, then go ahead and hire a contractor without proper workers’ compensation insurance.

Will only hire professionals.
A strong and sustainable relationships with subcontractors means we have full confidence when it comes to planning projects and implementing them.

Hire unqualified staff.
Many companies appeal to unskilled laborers and unreliable subcontractors to save money. Only after they have left you will notice their shoddy work.

A rigid schedule in real time.
We can accurately determine the exact date and time of your project’s completion. No fiction.

Purposefully underestimate deadlines.
Some contractors will agree quickly to any timeline just to get the job. Afterwards, however, all you hear are excuses about delays that will cost you money.

Is always in touch.
From signing the contract to final touches, we are always available on the phone and by e-mail.

Are inaccessible.
A hard-to-reach company won’t pick up the phone or answer e-mails.

Capable and reliable

With over 10 years in construction and real estate industry and hundreds of completed projects you know you can rely on us without any doubt.
We know what we do and we promise to deliver from the day 1 of our collaboration.

Оur clients' experience with us

Martin Ditto, Founder and CEO at DITTO Residential
Martin Ditto,
Founder and CEO at DITTO Residential

Execution of important details and architectural integrity of our projects are central to our company from a core mission perspective and our brand. It is incredibly difficult to deliver this quality and aesthetic of product in this market while staying within reasonable budgetary constraints. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and product that ACH Group LLC achieved at our most recent project, 1219 Florida Avenue NE, DC. This unique product type required precision construction as well as efficient construction techniques and planning in order to meet budget and schedule. They were able to overcome a number of design challenges with creativity and grace and ultimately delivered an amazing product.  From start to finish their attitude and commitment to excellence was appreciated and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Anton Sibrin, Director of Operations at DITTO Residential
Anton Sibrin,
Director of Operations at DITTO Residential

We value the architectural details of our projects with great reverence. Most of our projects involve challenging demands that require high quality construction, which is why we have been pleased with our decision to partner with ACH Group LLC for some of our projects in Washington DC. They have a terrific approach, and their team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise. These traits, coupled with creative design ingenuity, is what allowed us to continuously provide a superior value for our clients.
Moreover, their team is capable of accurately managing the construction process in spite of tricky obstacles. They absolutely know every job is different and will pay great attention that is needed.
I hold them in high regard and look forward to continuing and growing our relationship.

Jordan Loch Crabtree, Architect, Principal at Loch Collective
Jordan Loch Crabtree,
Architect, Principal at Loch Collective

I greatly appreciated the craftsmanship ACH Group LLC achieved with one of my designs.  They worked closely with my team, carefully thinking about every detail and providing invaluable input from the pre-construction phase through completion.  ACH creatively approached the technical details, offering insight through the construction process.  I would recommend them for projects involving complex detailing.

DC / VA / MD
Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured to acquire, build and improve/renovate any size commercial and residential properties in DC, MD and VA.

DC / VA / MD  Licensed and Insured
DC / VA / MD  Licensed and Insured
DC / VA / MD  Licensed and Insured
DC / VA / MD  Licensed and Insured
DC / VA / MD  Licensed and Insured
If you share these values:
  • Long-term relationships over short-term profit
  • Maintaining an honorable and thorough reputation
  • Understanding the value of effective cooperation and collaboration
  • The necessary foresight to identify and take on challenges and reasonable risks for future gains
  • Using every opportunity to your best advantage
Then we invite you
to be our partner


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